Algae Fuel

I recently got done making an ad for one of my classes. Its focus was the issue of America’s dependency on foreign oil and how our vehicles feed on it. Well, on Autoline Detroit today, John McElroy and his guests, Peter De Lorenzo, Jim Hall, and Josh Tickell covered the topic of fuel being made out of algae. Josh said that it would make sense that the oil companies would want to make fuel out of algae. I agree. From my standpoint, I think that America needs to sever its ties on foreign oil. The fact that a supertanker releases enough pollutants as a city full of cars, just to bring oil to the U.S. to burn, is illogical. America has the technology to harvest algae to make millions of barrels of fuel and I think we should pursue that option. If we become more independent, then we can stimulate our own economy because harvesting the algae will create jobs. There is also the environmental benefit to refining algae as fuel. It can perform just like current fuels but it burns cleaner. We will reduce pollutants.

I am all for alternative fuels, so as long as they can perform equal to or better than what is already in place. I don’t think electric is very effective, but it can produce high torque, which I think could be valuable, but it needs to be incorporated in well with algae or ethanol fuels better than what is out there presently with gasoline. The Toyota Prius is not your performance car of the future. At this point, America can harvest corn to make ethanol, so I think that we should start harvesting our waters for algae and make fuel out of that. Both can produce a clean, performing, and self sustaining fuel for America.

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