The Ford Raptor

I am an automotive fan. I am not make or model biased, but I do have my favorites. Normally, Ford is not near the top. However, Ford has done well at keeping its image away from bankruptcy and maybe to celebrate that, they introduced the beast of the F-150 line up by breeding the Raptor.

While I have not really researched this truck, I have watched a video about it on the Autoline Detriot website in the John’s Journal section. I am very impressed with the look and proven function of that truck. However, there is only one thing, one factor that disappoints me. Some might say, psh, what does that matter, while others would say that it can make or break an automobile. That factor is the sound. The sound of the exhaust note when the engine is at full boar, which is backing up the image of the vehicle. The sound of aggressive, beastly, mercilessness is what the F-150 Raptor lacks. That aggressive looking truck, that prey’s on even the most agile of H1 Hummers, has the sound of a house cat. It just purrs. No roar, no rasp. While purring might be good for some cars, it just does not suite the Raptor. The sound of the Raptor does not match how it looks, and that is a shame, because that would really have swayed me into giving the Raptor an A. But for all the work that was put into genetically mutating a regular F-150 into the carnivorous Raptor, they should have really put more thought and depth into the Raptors voice. Therefore, I give the Ford F-150 Raptor, a B.

Then again, it’s nothing $1,500 for a new exhaust can’t fix. 🙂

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