Race 3…Turn 2…4 Accidents…1 Winner

Today was the third race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. It was at the Kansas Speedway a short track so to speak because it is a one and a half mile tri-oval also called a D shaped oval, that the cars whip around at about 173 miles an hour. Because I don’t really have one particular driver that I favor more, and I don’t want to bash drivers, so as not to insult them or my audience, I am going to comment on the racing conditions of the race. The weather had changed over the weekend and the race on Sunday for the Sprint Cup was warm and sunny. The track became a little slick and all the drivers where fighting for grip and to tighten the cars down so they wouldn’t get all squirrelly and possible loose control and wreck. Well, that proved to be just what happened on lap 1 for Joey Logano. It was not his fault, nor was there anyone else to blame. The car just got loose, and he ended up sliding up the track, and the back down. There wasn’t much harm to be had. What I want to make not of is that the accident happened in turn 2 on the track.

I would like to officially dub turn 2 as the caution corner of the day. Besides Joey’s accident on lap 2, there were three other accidents that took place on turn 2. Lap 7 was Paul Menard collecting David Ragan. Lap 69 it was Reed Sorenson slamming into the wall on turn 2. Lastly, on lap 147, Elliot Sadler getting completely sideways and saving it, barely avoiding other drivers, all in turn 2.

I don’t know what it was about turn 2 today. Maybe it was the sunlight and the rubber build up that made it so slick. What ever it was, turn 2 was double its own trouble today. Those who made it through the treacherous turn 2 and finished, I applaud them. Congrats to Tony Stuart on his win today.

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