A Prediction of the Pony Car War in NASCAR

Autoline Daily today had an article about a new Toyota concept, the FT-86 that is being debuted at Tokyo auto show. This car looks surprisingly road ready and I have two guesses as to why. This first is that it has hints of the Lexus LF-A styling to it and being that Toyota is the parent company of Lexus, I can see why. The LF-A is going into production soon as the first ever Lexus super car. Toyota could use a good, fast, sporty coupe in its line up, possibly in reverence to the Supra. I believe the FT-86 could live up to the standard that the Supra set.

 The second reason why I believe Toyota has now made a concept so radical and almost road ready has to do with NASCAR.

 Earlier this year, the NASCAR sanctioning body made it public that they were going to run the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger for a two race trial run in the 2010 Nationwide series. The 2011 season would then hopefully result in the Mustang running full time. Chevrolet has considered and declined to jump on board by putting the Camaro into NASCAR to officially ignite the pony car wars. But I have a feeling they won’t be far off. Especially if Toyota brings in the FT-86.

 Toyota has not been in NASCAR long and while it had a rocky first year, it took off in the second year and has stayed incredibly competitive with the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge teams. When the rumor first got tossed around for a pony car battle in NASCAR, everyone wondered what Toyota would bring to the table. The Solara would have been their only option, but it would have made a pretty bland race car if you ask me. I believe because of the sure commitment that NASCAR will run the Mustang and the Challenger; that Toyota came up with the FT-86 not only for the general public and predecessor of the Supra, but possibly with the goal of putting it on the NASCAR tracks sometime in 2011.

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