Day Simmer

I was with some friends today and we toured the Agecroft Manner in Richmond. They were having their holiday festivities today and it was a lot of fun.

While waiting in line to go into the manner, some conversations we were having got me thinking.

I do not have any unreal aspect to my life. I do not read books for fun, especially not fiction ones. I do not play video games, computer games, cell phone games, any electronic game. My list of movies watched is pretty short and unfortunately the ones I do watch are normally ones I’ve seen before. I don’t follow any dramas on tv. The only show I do follow regularly is Big Bang Theory. That is seriously it. Mostly I watch SPEED,  Food, or Fox. None of which have anything that is “unrealistic” about them.

These thoughts really started to hurt because I am told often but by many different people, friends, family, strangers, that I am in my own little world. That I have this warped sense of reality and that the way I see things is completely different than the way everyone else sees it.

My question then is how am I in my own world with a warped sense of reality if I don’t involve myself with fictitious worlds?

I have said many times that I don’t want to expose myself to other peoples influence. I want to be the one influencing.

Maybe I am doing just that.

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