Going Big

I do a lot in my life by the motto “go big or go home.” There are so many scenarios that applies to in my life. For example me going to college and graduating with 2 degrees 10 hours from home not living on campus pretty much not having any real normal experience one would have after high school. Then again what now today is normal?

At any rate it is odd at how many things from the high school days, many feelings, scenarios, and thoughts have come back into my life. I can say I didn’t want them, but at the same time I can argue with myself that I didn’t fight hard enough to keep it away this time. That’s what eats me up.

Controlling my anger and emotions is hard sometimes. But in the end I never see the worth in holding myself back.

I like to think if a bright happy future. I enjoy being optimistic and passionate about things. If we have only one life to live, why not make it the best? In the end we all go home…so why not go big?

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