a KIND-of expert

I was watching the show “Restaurant Impossible” on Food channel. That is a great show. I did some very slight research and from what I read, people are wondering about the credentials of the chef in the show and how he achieves such crazy tasks realistically. People say that it is literally impossible to do what he does in the time he does it. They also are not fond of the way he treats people in the show. He is very demanding and bosses people around.

One has to realize, that sometimes in order to break habits, another has to put pressure for a change in order for the proper result take bloom. I am not going to say he treats people nicely or poorly. He just sees how to get results and does what it takes to get there. If he had to wait on other people, aka the people he is helping, the task might not get done. That’s why they called him.

The whole point of this story is this:

When one asks for help, be prepared to listen to and do what the response is.

I want to say that there is NO shame in asking for help. My view on life is this: The reason we have so many experts and professionals in so many fields and topics is because we are all passionate about something; what we don’t know, we should ask those whom it is their job/passion to know such information. We should not be afraid to call for help. That’s what the people who have the answer are for. Just like YOU. You have an answer that somebody seeks because you are good at what you do. There is no one else who can do what you do. You are passionate in something and you have a knowledge that no one else has. Be kind and help those whom ask for your help.

The key to this as well though is listening. If you are not an expert in baking pies, you go to the Food channel. You find one of their chefs and you use their recipe. That is what they do. No need to question it. Listen to what they say. Don’t ask for help if you are not going to do what they say. That applies to everything, from baking pies to investing money, to building a dog house, to flying a kite. Listen and be open minded. Learn. Try talking less and listening more. Think. Ask questions. Be curious. Engage the subject. You don’t have to be a master of it at the end, but at least get the worth out of your own brain to help sharpen the experts brain and keep them fresh. You all win in the long run! 😀

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