(.A.) Way of life

The relationship between mental, physical, and spiritual is crucial to keep balanced and healthy. If one starts to become weak, you will start to see the others become strained. I know for me, when they are all not in balance, I become irritable, angry, impatient, and a host of other things.

That is how the last week and 3 days have been. Going back to before Thanksgiving. I was in a good routine. I was staying up till around 11-12 getting up around 8-9 and running, eating healthy, sleeping well, working hard to keep my mental and spiritual life in check. Even throughout Thanksgiving, with all the excessive eating, traveling, and stress, I managed to run a few times, eat healthy, sleep, etc.

When I got back from Thanksgiving break, things stayed pretty consistent. Still run, slept, ate healthy. I was going to bed a little later, around 1-2 and getting up around 10-11.

The problems arose this week. I have put my mind on overload. I pushed myself way to hard. I cannot rest and sleep well because I am stressing myself out. Why? I have no idea. I only ran once this week. I am absolutely exhausted. It all started with my mental state getting overloaded. That then affected my physical state. Now I am on the verge of sickness. I put myself here because of all the stress I put on myself. There was absolutely no need for that.

I was having a rough time today dealing with my attitude. I know I am called to do something in life, but its hard to know if I am really going somewhere.

Something my mom told me the other day, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) I am feeding myself mentally and spiritually on that to sustain myself. The lowest of low depression, I hear that. When things are getting better, I hear that. Its a good reminder that some things in life are constant. Whether our circumstances are or are not, the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made is always constant.

You were put on this earth for a purpose, just like me. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Especially don’t lie to your self. Don’t convince yourself that you are not worth the effort you put into things to succeed. See your worth and cherish that. Respect yourself. Don’t do things that would jepordize your existence. Care for yourself.

Get good sleep. Eat healthy. Exercise.  Explore new areas of your passion to educate yourself and challenge your mental capacity and keep it sharp. Silence all the voices and search for the spirit to gain spiritual peace. These will all add to a healthy lifestyle.

Some people like to get into routines. Routines are good, just don’t let them become monotonous, or crutches, or excuses. Be content, but not complacent.

Enjoy life and live it loud. Live it the way you are supposed to. Have hope. Dream. Think of your bright future! It is going to be epic! You are worth it! 🙂 I believe in you!

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