are you REALly YOU?

Ever have one of those days where reality hits you?

I strive hard to be real. Real in the sense that what I post online, my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, etc, that those reflect who I am in real life. I do not believe in having alternate identities online and in life. Be the same no matter where you are.

I find it funny that employers base their hiring decisions on someone’s Facebook. Really? 20 years ago, we didn’t have Facebook, what stopped or prompted you from hiring the person then? If people have crazy party pictures up on their Facebook, and take them down to “clean” it up for employers, what really are they portraying? If they get hired, they are still going to party. What then is the difference if they have it all over the internet or not? It doesn’t make sense to me. People will do what they want to do regardless of screened social media.

I believe that this kind of screening is creating alternate identities. There is the person who lives online and the person who lives at work and the person who lives at the weight room and a person who lives a the grocery store…the list could go on.

I do believe that it is healthy to separate work from play. At least to the point that one needs to focus on the task at hand and be productive and wise in time management. If you have a weekend free to spend with your family, take that time and spend it with them. If work requires you to stay late a few nights in a row to get the project done, stay late and get it done. Focus on the task and do it. Then go home and relax. When at work, be respectful of the work time and be productive.

This however does not mean you have to be two different people. You can still be who you are both in the work world and in the real world and in the online world. Be sincere to yourself and others. Don’t be someone you are not. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t lie to others. Be honest.

Don’t be arrogant about that either. If others don’t accept you for who you are don’t throw a hissy fit. Find people who will accept you. I do apologize that those people didn’t accept you and it is kinda sad they didn’t, but you can’t change them. They don’t want to change you. Part ways without causing a scene.

I guess the whole point of this blog is to just be who you are everywhere, whether it be online or in person, be the same person. There is only one of you, why not enjoy and share that special fact? 🙂

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